Wings is database software for recording bird observations. Wings can do the usual things one would expect.

  1. Store sightings data and the supporting taxonomic, location, observer and source data.

  2. Perform data entry one record at a time

  3. Manage millions of records

  4. Search and sort

  5. Manage multiple checklists

  6. Import and export

  7. Create lists and reports

Wings also does a few exceptional things

  1. Work across platforms

  2. Allow very rapid data entry using checklists

  3. Create spreadsheet reports

  4. Create reports in the form of checklists

  5. Create charts charts

  6. Link or store photographs

  7. Allow you to create your own categories of data and associate that data with species, locations or sightings

  8. Save selections of records that can be loaded very quickly in later sessions

  9. Use built-in spreadsheet, charting, and word-processing modules 


Welcome to wings - Birding Software for OS X and Windows